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Reselling of ISERVERS services - is an discount, depending on the monthly volume of all your payments. Reseller program available both for sole sole proprietorships and for companies.

As our reseller, you can make your own hosting business by selling our services with your brand. To become our reseller follow next steps:

  • Sign up as a client in our billing.
  • Mail us about your desire to become a reseller, your login name in the billing system, the description of the way in which you intend to sell our services and your web site address (if available).
  • If discussion of reselling conditions successful, we will give you a discount and activate the reselling features, then you can start working.

▪ Stable.
▪ In rub.
▪ Not depended on $ and €.
▪ We  !
▪ Discount during payment for a year!

For Legal Entities

Contract and full complect of accounting documents by mail.

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