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Changing tariffs for PHP cPanel hosting

We inform you that on the tariff plans of virtual hosting running under cPanel, prices change due to significant fluctuations in the exchange rates and the cost of software licenses. Nevertheless, we always try to offer affordable rates, so for hosting under the control of the ISP Manager panel, they remain the same. The corresponding changes will be made in the near future. Current prices for virtual hosting services on ISP Manager: Economy ISP tariff – 60 rubles / month. The Business ISP tariff is 100 rubles / month. The Expert ISP tariff is 150 rubles / month. Virtual hosting cPanel: Economy cPanel tariff – 141 rubles / month. The Business cPanel tariff is 227 rubles / month. The cPanel Expert rate is 333 rubles / month. Fast VDS servers on SSD drives are also always available! https://ihor2.elkin.dev/vds Thank you for being with us!


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